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The mission of the club shall be to operate as an outreach organization that works in conjunction with the Bedford community to provide food for the needy individuals and families residing in Bedford Township.

The Bedford Goodfellows Club was formed in 1954 to help those in need of aid who live in our Bedford Community. With the growth of the Community this was deemed necessary to avoid duplication and to make certain no person or persons are overlooked when in need. What started as food baskets at Christmastime has expanded over the years to Easter & Thanksgiving food baskets and toys at Christmas.

We receive financial support & donations from:
•    Goodfellows Club Christmas Paper Drive Edition papers sold at intersections and area businesses in December.
•    Thanksgiving/Christmas donation request letters mailed to businesses and interested parties once a year.
•    Local schools and businesses food drives and miscellaneous activities which take place throughout the year.
•    Toys for Bedford Children boxes placed in area businesses for distribution with Christmas food baskets.


We help the less fortunate families that live within the township by:
•    Distributing Holiday food baskets
•    Donating to the Bedford Senior Center for clients who can’t afford the daily meal served
•    Donating to the Bedford Public Schools for students who are in need of a meal
•    Helping families who need emergency food service
•    Distributing Government Surplus Food 4 times a year


Bedford Goodfellows Members participate in different activities throughout the year. If you have a few hours to help support the families in our Bedford Community which includes Temperance, Lambertville, and Samaria who need assistance, please contact us. Membership is only $5 per year.                

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us for donation, membership, or assistance. For more information call 734.847.3641.

2016 Year in Review


Bedford Goodfellows Club wants to say "THANK YOU", to our community for all of the support that you provided this past holiday season.

Easter 2016 saw Bedford Goodfellows distribute over 230 baskets. For Thanksgiving, we distributed 190 baskets and 184 baskets and toys for Christmas.

During 2016, the Bedford Goodfellows Club purchased $25,713 in food basket items right here in the Bedford Township community. 

We would like to thank all for the help we received during the Christmas season, especially from the BBA Food Drive, assistance from the school food drives and all the other businesses and community families that contribute. Please remember, the money we collect from our community and businesses buys these goods from businesses in our community to help feed the needy in the community.

Again, THANK YOU to all that helped! Your generosity, YOUR TIME, and donations this past year helped us help those who need assistance in our community.  We thank you for your assistance and generosity again this 2016 Holiday season! Because of you, many deserving families were able to share in a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


To our paper sellers, our counters, the businesses that opened their doors to allow us to use their property, and most important, the community that purchased papers and donated during our annual paper drive: THANK YOU!
God Bless!


Chris Knaggs

Vice President     
George Kreft

Linda Nagy

Curt Vickre

Charlie Maenle

Phillip Young

Mick Lavoy
Bob Carey
Sue Carey
Fran Popek
Tom Pollick

Public Relations Chair     
Dianna Knaggs

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